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-   about VAT and tax refund   -

not all German used cars have tax in the price...I'll try to explain:


If you buy an old car here there is no sales tax to pay at all and therefore there is no tax return at all! Note: All cars which have been owned and registered by private persons have no VAT in the selling price. No matter who is selling now.

Used cars, registered in the name of companies or financed/owned by a bank or leasing company are selling with VAT. A tax return is possible when exporting the car.

If you buy with my assistance, I will sell to you tax-free. But in that case I have to do the buying, the German customs documents and the shipment.


Some more about VAT (German Mehrwertsteuer):

All listed prices for brand-new cars and those with a company registration include 19% German sales tax (MwSt - Mehrwertsteuer = VAT - value added tax). If cars are sold by private persons, German sales tax cannot be deducted from the price when the car will be exported.

If you search German internet sites for used cars you will clearly see if the car you found has VAT in the price. It is always marked at the price tag.

If you buy a car (with former company registration) from a dealer he will give you the net price by deducting 19% from the brutto price. This is very important for you, when you are not an EEC-citizen i.e. you pay only the net price when exporting the car to a country outside the EU.

In most cases, when you pick up the car yourself at the dealers place, you would have to pay the full price, but the tax will be refunded later by the dealer when the car is exported and the “customs-clearance-certificate” (Ausgangsvermerk) is presented to the dealer. You just have to proof that you car has left the territory of the EU.

Please be aware that most used cars have private pre-owners, hence no refundable tax.





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