how  to  buy  a  used  car  in  Germany

- On this page I will introduce you to your options on
finding the perfect car in the German market -


1. Use my professional car valuation, purchasing and export service at your convenience when buying a car. In me you have found the trusted expert for finding and shipping your car. That is what I have been doing for over two decades now, serving numerous satisfied clients, many of which have turned into regular customers. If you have questions, suggestions or if you would like to receive a detailed offer, please contact me by e-mail:


2. If you are in Germany:
Used cars are advertised on the internet or in local papers, auto magazines,and many are simply on display at dealerships. Even on pin boards in supermarkets or at the universities you may find ads offering used cars. Some people just place a “for sale” sign inside a window of their car. Good cars can be found anywhere. Just keep your eyes and ears open!


3. Online buying from your country without any need to come to Germany:
The internet is a perfect source of information on German used cars, the models, the options, the prices. From your home computer you can get an overview of our the current market situation and prices.

The best sources for German internet auto offers are:




Some cultural advice:
In Germany it is considered not very polite to ask a seller (especially when he is not a dealer but just a private person) right at the beginning of the conversation for the best price or the last price. Many feel taken aback if a conversation starts like this. It is better to talk to him about the car, ask questions about the condition and the possibilities of transport and when you have discussed all these facts you may start negotiating the price. Ask for a discount or better price, but don’t expect too much. German sellers are not used to much bargaining over the price. Dealership prices are mostly well calculated and the cars usually sell for the amount shown on the price tag. Or with only little discounts, if any at all.



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