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Since about 15 years I am exporting cars to Asia: Have exported to South Korea, Japan, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Taiwan, China mainland, Vietnam. Full export service.

Producers of very nice cars are located in Asian countries, but there is still a high demand for cars from Europe: Sport cars from Germany and Italy, limousines and SUV's with Diesel engines, electric powered or with Hybrid engines, even small cars with left hand steering are shipped from Germany to Asia. Every day.

BMW, Porsche, Audi and Mercedes to Taiwan, small cars to Vietnam, 4x4's with Diesel engine and small cars to Myanmar, brand new luxerious cars of all kind to China mainland, sport cars and Diesel's to Korea, even LHD vehicles to Japan...I'll find what you want!

 I can show you some popular internet sources:
At the following sites you will find thousands of offers and the search engine has sections in many languages. You could try:


Those are the best sources for finding all kinds of cars, vans and trucks. When you got an overview over the prices in Germany you should compare it with prices in your country. Please bear in mind that additional costs for transportation, taxes and customs and bank fees come on top of the sales price. So, before you get in contact, please be sure that there is a profit for you in the transaction.

Car sales here are much different to sales in the US or other countries. Many dealers here have two prices on a car: A showroom price which is high and an internet price which show the lowest possible price.
Dealers prefer to sell to local buyers who don’t use the internet to seach a car. Such clients don’t compare prices and pay more for the car. And later they come later for service and repairs...

In the internet offers at or Autoscout only the cars with the lowest price sell fast. Prices can be seen worldwide.  Dealers calculate well and advertise with the lowest possible price...Don’t expect big discounts on such cars! 






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