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used cars for Canada and USA

I offer a kind of export service for people from Canada or USA who would like to purchase a car in Germany

You found a car in the German internet ads - I can get it for you!

I know the import rules for vehicles older than 15 years for Canada and older than 25 year old for United States. I have shipped cars to both countries.

 Cars made for the European market generally do not conform with U.S. / Canadian safety, bumper and emission standards. Only older cars can be imported without conversion to North American standards.


Americans seem to love older BMW and Mercedes Benz. They ask for E30, E36, Unimog, Mercedes G-Wagon...




 Shipping: Have shipped cars to Baltimore, Brunswick, Charleston, Port Hueneme, Tacoma - other ports possible, just ask.

Please note: You will need a clearing agent at the port for your customs documents, EPA and DOT files and ISF filling.


 Canada: Used vehicles acquired in foreign countries other than the U.S. are not designed, built, tested and certified to meet the Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. However, it is possible to import cars that are older than 15 years to Canada.

Canadian buyers should know most Germans take care of their cars and clean  and service them regulary. Some are real mad and polish their car every week...But 15 years is a long time. We have much rain in Germany, snow and ice in the Wintertime. We have salt on the roads to melt the ice and that can cause bad corrosion.


Most 15 year old cars have been 15 years on the road and will show wear and tear. A perfect old car with low mileage will have it's price. I think it's the same in your country.

Canadians seem to love older Volkswagen T3 or T4 Doublecab (DOKA), older Toyota Landcruiser (BJ; FJ ), VW LT, Mercedes G-Model (Gelandewagen), Mercedes staton wagon, Westfalia campervan, Unimog, Volkswagen Syncro like Golf or T4. BMW E30, E36, E39 and 1series E87.

 Shipment to Canada:
Car carriers go from Bremerhaven or Hamburg to many North American ports. That are special designed auto transport ships for roll on / roll off transports. Every car shipped to a country outside the EU need a customs export declaration first.

Important: The undercarriage has to be steamcleaned before you deliver a car to the port! That is to avoid bringing in seeds or bugs from Europe to your country. Canadion customs may do a kind of agriculture inspection on used cars.

A car must be completely unlodaed. Trunk and inside must be empty. No other goods, no personal things are allowed to go with the car! The spare wheel is accepted.

A shipping rate will not include the handling charges in Canada. There will be port handling charges, agent fees, CFIA fee, maybe others... Depending on the size of your car, van or truck the shipping rate from Bremerhaven to Halifax will be approx. Euro 1.200 to Euro 1800. The Canadian port charges are approx. CAD 250 per vehicle. Shipping rates constantly changing...


I have shipped cars on roro vessels to clients from BC via Tacoma WA, in containers to Toronto and Montreal and on roro vessels to Halifax. Had to learn that shipment Halifax is the cheapest solution. Clearing agents there can organize the further transport to any destination in Canada.

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